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Gold Tone Mastertone™ OB-2 Bowtie 5-String Bluegrass Banjo Vintage Sunburst w/ Case

Gold Tone

Gold Tone Mastertone™ OB-2 Bowtie 5-String Bluegrass Banjo Vintage Sunburst w/ Case

$ 1,999.99


"Since the success of Gold Tone’s OB-3 Twanger, we were kicking around ideas for the next tribute banjo when the bowtie banjos of 1960 to mid-1964 were brought up. This was when the bowtie was at its peak of quality. A unique nineteen-hole flathead tone ring (versus the previous twenty-hole version) was used during this time. The banjos were built in Kalamazoo by some of the same people that worked there in the thirties, and the tone rings were still cast by the same foundry that made them back before The War. A full thickness rim and nickel-plated hardware were still used as well.

With those specs in mind, we set about creating a worthy modern evocation of this great old banjo: the Gold Tone OB-2 Bowtie. The feature set closely adheres to the original banjo: mahogany neck and maple resonator, a beautiful golden sunburst finish and even a nineteen-hole flathead tone ring. Updated features include superb quality Gotoh machine heads, the renowned Snuffy Smith bridge, a Presto-style tailpiece and dual coordinator rods for precise adjustment.

From our hands to yours, the value is superb and the tone and playability are amazing. Enjoy!"


Gotoh Planetary Tuners w/ Custom Gotoh Buttons
1-1/4" Bone Nut
Mahogany Neck
Ebony Fretboard
22 Vintage-Style Frets
Gold Tone Bowtie Fretboard Inlays
Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod
Nickel Hardware
Plain Armrest
Cream ABS Body Binding
24 Brackets
5/8" Snuffy Smith Bridge
11" Dual Coordinator Rods
Golden Sunburst Finish
One-Piece Cast Flange
11" Remo HC Coated Head
14" Mahogany Resonator
11" 3-Ply Maple Rim
Presto-Style Tailpiece
11" Notched Tension Hoop
11" Flat Top 19-Hole Bell Brass Tone Ring
26-1/4" Scale Length
Gold Tone Hardshell Case Included

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