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Morrell v2.0 Premium Adjustable Lap Steel Guitar Stand w/ Velcro Attachment


Morrell v2.0 Premium Adjustable Lap Steel Guitar Stand w/ Velcro Attachment

$ 129.95

The BRAND NEW Morrell Premium v2.0 Lap Steel Guitar Stand is a different take on securing your steel than others on the market. This lap steel stand uses industrial grade Velcro to attach your guitar to the sturdy, fully adjustable stand base. This attachment method is strong enough to ensure your steel won’t move, slide, or fall whether you are in the living room, in a jam session or in a professional stage or studio setting. It is also delicate enough to not harm your guitar’s finish should you choose to remove the Velcro backing.

Try a different take on securing your Lap Steel today!


Single Braced X-Style Sturdy Aluminum Stand
5-Way Quick Release Height Adjustment w/ Locking Lever
26.75” - 38.5” Adjustable Heights
Industrial Grade Velcro Stand Top (Pre-Installed)
3 Pieces Industrial Grade Velcro Backing w/ Self Adhesive (Install on your Guitar)
Matte Black Finish
Load Capacity - 132 Lbs.


1. Un-box Lap Steel Stand, bottom legs, and supplied Velcro kit.

2. Install Bottom legs on stand with the supplied allen wrench. Tighten until stable.

3. Adjust height of lap steel stand with the Quick Release handle in the middle of the stand. When the desired height is reached, place your lap steel on the stand so it sits flat and stable. Note where the Velcro material meets your guitar.

4. Install Velcro onto the back of your laps steel in the areas where it makes contact with the stand (supplied Velcro swatches may be cut to fit the shape of your steel). Peel off backing to expose the adhesive and press down firmly onto the back of your steel.

5. Once the Velcro swatches have been installed onto the back of your guitar, you are ready to go! Simply place the guitar onto the stand and gently press down to make good contact. Your steel should sit sturdily on the stand without any movement while playing at this point.

6. To take the steel off the stand, gently pull up on the guitar to release the Velcro on each end.


*Velcro will wear with use over time. Replacement swatches will be available from the manufacturer.

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